Business IP PBX

A decade ago, business communications meant office telephones. Today, it’s about bringing it all together. We integrate Voice, Instant Messaging, Email, Video, Web Conferencing – and office phones, smart phones, tablets and computers to work seamlessly on a powerful unified communications platform. So you are always connected to your business wherever you need to be 24/7. Rainbow-002

Video Conferencing

We have the latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing system designed specifically for head office and branch office use. This system ensures good compatibility with mainstream video conferencing systems. The System is equipped with an 18X optical PTZ camera so that users can enjoy 4-site 1080P full-HD video conferencing, as well as 1080P contents sharing. Rainbow-003

Free Live Demo

We can give you a live free demo of Business IP BPX and/ or Room Video Conferencing System at your office. This demo can also be setup between your main and branch offices if both are in North Carolina. If you are interested, please click here to setup an appointment or call us at (919) 460-0224.  Note: You should have high speed Internet at Main/ Branch office for the demo .Rainbow-001 .