Yealink Meet Demands for High-Quality Video Conferencing

During the past decade, video conferencing has been a primary vehicle for business productivity. Large enterprises have been the chief beneficiaries of this trend, as they are the organizations best able to install large permanent hardware solutions. But, with technology advancing every day, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) no longer have to miss this productivity boom from enhanced online collaboration among workers.

Today, SMEs can choose among full HD video conferencing solutions that provide lower-cost, high-quality video and are simple and quick to install. Yealink’s one-stop SME-tailored video conferencing solution, which works perfectly in the cloud or on premise, is a prime example, offering advanced telephony communications for businesses with less than 250 employees.

As the leader in global unified communications (UC) terminal solutions, Yealink developed its video conferencing solution to overcome the obstacles SMEs face when attempting to leverage video—such as weak network infrastructure, limited IT resources and expensive licensing and update fees—with flexibility and ease. The company’s latest innovations for video conferencing, slated for launch in the near future, include an all-in-one video conferencing endpoint VC110 as well as the next-generation desktop video phone SIP-T49G. Furthermore, Yealink are now working closely with world-leading cloud service providers to launch this year the cloud-to-terminal solutions, which compensates for any equipment shortcomings, with hardware that provides performance stability and heightened security for cloud services.

These efforts from Yealink are in line with today’s market demand for stellar video conferencing tools. In fact, Infonetics Research reported recently that the video conferencing hardware and software market grew 24 percent sequentially to pass the $1-billion-per-quarter mark for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Since its inception in 2001, Yealink has been a market innovator in the communications space. The company works to provide its clients with an optimal UC experience for enhanced business collaboration, continuously seeking the best user experience and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Its solutions unify voice, video and data for businesses of all sizes. What’s more, its product portfolio includes conference phones, desk IP phones and wireless DECT phones in addition to video conferencing systems. The products integrate seamlessly with leading server and UC platforms, including Microsoft, BroadSoft and Asterisk, in various market segments worldwide.

The company’s vision includes helping its clients maximize their business success through cloud-based UC ecosystems that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere and using any type of network.
Toward that end, Yealink has made sure to imbue its video conferencing solution with the following features:

  • Reduced costs: Yealink’s terminal offerings produce industry-leading video and audio quality at a price up to 30 percent lower than major players, such as Polycom. Users are offered free advanced features such as 1080P support, dual-screen support, multipoint control and video call recording.
  • Smooth performance: With no requirement for a dedicated network, users save significantly on bandwidth costs. They also receive high-quality video based on Yealink’s superior video coding and decoding technology (H.264 High Profile).
  • User-friendly firewall configuration: Yealink’s Intelligent Firewall Transversal installation takes just five minutes from box to uptime. SMEs will enjoy its plug-and-play ease minus the need for dedicated IT staff management or maintenance of the firewall.

Yealink remains dedicated to innovating for advances in video conferencing in order to serve the business community. The benefits of videoconferencing are clear—from showcasing new products to saving on travel costs to reinforcing relationships among disparate groups. There is no end to the collaborative perks of the technology tool, as it provides the closest thing to face-to-face interactions, bringing together co-workers, partners and clients without obliterating such central human communication cues as facial expressions and body language.
So, are you ready to say hello to a Yealink video conferencing solution for your SME—and forego to unwieldy bandwidth requirements, conference room overhauls and IT personnel costs?  To learn more about improved collaboration and productivity for your business via video conferencing, click here.

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